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Why do most people fail to make money online?

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  • Why do most people fail to make money online?

    Is it because they don't know enough? Is it because they know enough but are implementing it wrong? Is due to their lack of focus or determination?

    I know many people start, but if the success doesn't come very fast, they get discouraged and basically give up.

    If you've "given up" or got a little discouraged, what was your biggest reason/problem?

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    I'd say the number one factor is giving up to soon. Now for me, it's time and patience, and so I outsource. But if there was nowhere to outsource, I probably wouldn't do the monotonous stuff involved. I'd get my girlfriend to do it haha


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      Yes, I definitely agree. People give up way to soon. Thing with making money online is, that it is sometimes even harder then a day job and that discourages people from doing it, even though there is a veritable goldmine in regards to the Internet.


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        I think there's that many people online offering the same things that customers have no idea which to choose. If they've had recommendations they're likely to go with that, failing that it's all about how good their website etc is these days. Also worth taking into account the business' social media, if its a long time out of date people will think you're not doing much.