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  • Free Wholesale Purchase Agreement

    Also check out the Wholesale Assignment Contract I just posted. It's for You to assign the property contract to your End-Buyer.

    But if you need a contract to Purchase the property from the Seller (that you'll later sell/assign to an End-Buyer) you'll need a Purchase Agreement.

    I'm attaching one I've been using. It's Simple. And it's for people who will later Assign the house to an end-buyer because it uses the famous 'And/Or Assignee" clause.

    1) Wholesale Purchase Agreement

    Disclaimer: This is As-Is, I'm not an attorney, and this is not legal advice. You should still get someone to look this over, and make sure it's good for the state you are in.

    Hope this helps guys! We should all help each other and make this money!


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    Thanks for this Rich! I do have a purchase agreement, but just knowing you've been using yours, and I haven't used mine, so I better download your and use it on my hopefully first wholesale deal.


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      If you can, have an attorney to look it over, to make sure it covers everything for the state you're in!