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Motivated/Desperate Seller Keywords to listen for

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  • Motivated/Desperate Seller Keywords to listen for

    When negotiating with a seller it is vital to know WHY they are selling their property. It can give you that edge, and once you know their motivation/desperation you can negotiate them down to a good price for you to make a nice profit.

    So when talking with a seller LISTEN for any of these words/phrases.

    Motivated Seller Keyword/Phrases
    1. Divorce
    2. Relocated/Relocation
    3. Too Many Repairs
    4. Inherited
    5. Probate
    6. Death in the Family
    7. Illness
    8. Foreclosure
    9. Payments are Behind
    10. Insurance Cancelled
    11. Can't Afford it
    12. Don't Know What to Do
    13. Tore the House Up
    14. Unsafe
    15. Was Left to Me
    16. Don't Want it Anymore
    17. Don't wan to deal with it
    18. I've never lived there
    19. Payments are too high
    20. Delinquent Property Taxes
    21. Can't Decide
    22. No Insurance
    23. Bankruptcy
    24. Don't Have Time
    25. Can't Maintain it Anymore
    26. Value Going Down
    27. Bad Tenants
    28. Make Me an Offer
    29. Need to Sell
    30. Get Rid of it
    31. Eviction
    32. Tax Sale
    33. Vacant
    34. Letter from Attorney
    35. Upside Down
    36. Makes Me Mad
    Add to this list if you know any good keywords.